About Me

About Me

Hi, I am Fariha and I am a 33 year old Pakistani. I have lived a major part of my life in the prettiness of Lahore. The rest of the years divided unevenly between the slow serenity of Islamabad, a fast-paced life of the metropole, Karachi, and the dynamically growing capital of Saudi, Riyadh. Yes, I have lived it all. I currently reside in Al Ain, U.A.E. and spend moments in awe of how beautiful and green some parts of a Middle Eastern desert could be.

Writing brings me joy, but I am also a very passionate cook with a creative streak. I enjoy the process of making things visually appealing which makes me adore photography, editing, food styling, drawing, sketching, coloring etc. I cherish reading and travelling besides all this.

Figuring out life one step at a time with my partner in crime, Saadi (who barely has an online presence as he is camera shy but I don’t really care much :p).

I am a mama bear to two most precious baby bears, and the only thing motherhood has taught me is that there never existed a perfect parenthood. It will always be a bittersweet mix of hopeful highs and terrible lows and in this very crucial journey, the lows will take precedence over highs. They will be the reason why we learn and so have I, therefore if you picture me as an epitome of perfect parenting, DON’T! Ask my children in like 10 more years and they would be able to spill the truth to you LOL.

We all have strong opinions and so do I. What makes a difference is how gracefully we carry them forward. I will not convince you to go against yours and I expect the same from you because it is all a matter of evolution. We all learn from experiences and mistakes eventually, hence wisdom is to understand and move on. This world is not a war zone. 

You are welcome here with open arms and zero judgements. I have a variety of sections on this blog which will entertain you as per your preference, but I assure you, this could turn out to be your favorite place for spending time with your chai biscuit. 🙂


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